Volunteering for the COVID-19 Vaccination Program

Your NHS needs you

COVID-19 has been the single greatest public health emergency in the history of the NHS.

The response of current NHS staff and those who have come forward to help out – whether the tens of thousands of former staff and students, or the hundreds of thousands of volunteers – has been nothing short of inspirational, and played a major role in the first phase of the pandemic.

At the same time as pulling out all the stops to ensure everyone who needed care has been able to get it, NHS Staff have also contributed to the important global effort to develop safe and effective vaccines for the virus, working closely with research partners.  

While we wait to hear which vaccines will be approved for use and when, our Waterside Primary Care Network, Waterside PCN is preparing extensively to begin delivering the vaccine as soon as we are able to.

This will be a huge task, but vaccinating thousands of people within our area as quickly as possible and at the same time as keeping other vital services going, we will require lots of volunteers.

Can you help?

To help ensure that the Waterside PCN is able to deliver a large-scale vaccination programme without significantly impacting on other vital services, we are asking now for retired Nurses and Admin Staff alongside with members of the public, to volunteer and help support our up and coming vaccination program.