Telephone system

Dear Patient

Please can we ask that you bear with us whilst we are trying to resolve our current telephone system issues.

We are aiming to have a new telephone system in place within the next 8 weeks.

We apologise for any inconvenience that is being caused to you and be rest assured that we are aiming to have this resolved soonest to make your Patient experience more tolerable.

Thank you for your understanding.

Practice Management Team

Dear Patient

We know that like us, everyone is struggling with the confines of Covid-19.  Everyone is trying to make the best of a really difficult situation and as a practice we are working very hard to keep our doors open caring for all our patients in the best possible way whilst aiming to keep both you and our team safe. 

We are covering clinics within Dibden Purlieu & Marchwood surgeries, along with providing support at the Covid Clinics within Applemore.

Our Telephones are over-run by patients enquiring about their Covid Vaccinations and our emails have increased tenfold from patients emailing the same questions.

We are also as a practice very frustrated with our telephone system to the extent that we are now changing our telephone provider however; this can take up to 12 weeks.  Please be kind to our staff this is out of our control.

The practice is working under extreme pressure please be aware that through our website:-

  • We can take repeat prescription requests. Please be aware that prescriptions can take a minimum of 72 hours to process. We will endeavour to deal with urgent enquiries as quickly as possible.
  • You cannot send Blood Pressure readings or photographs through the website
  • You cannot book appointments through the website - Patients must call Tel No. 02380 844546 to book appointments or use the E-consultation service via our website. Thank you for your understanding.
  • We cannot answer clinical questions through our website, please click on to e-consult and complete the questionnaire or call the surgery to book an appointment.
  • We cannot respond to patients asking when they will receive their Covid vaccination via email or on our website

We are currently working our way through the governments set list of priorities, rest assured we will send you a text message to book your appointment if we have an up-to-date mobile number and if we don’t we will call you.

If you have received a first vaccination within Applemore we will contact you again to book the second dose.

If you receive a letter from the national booking service, please book through them directly unless you have a problem getting to the centre.

Thank you for your patience.

17th March 2021.