Clinics We Offer

Antenatal Clinics

Your midwives are:

  • Jane Threlfall (Dibden Purlieu)
  • Claire Twydell or Kay Sowerby (Marchwood)

Dr's. Hudson, Woollett, Joseph, Lee-Robichaud, Powell, Lockley and Clarke all undertake antenatal care in conjunction with the local community midwives.  If you think you may be pregnant, visit your pharmacist either for a self-test kit, or to arrange for the pharmacist to do a pregnancy test.  If your test is positive, you should see your doctor to make arrangements for your antenatal care.

If it is your first baby, it is quite likely your GP will share your antenatal care with a consultant obstetrician and that your baby will be born at the Princess Anne Maternity Hospital in Southampton.  The day after delivery it is likely you will be transferred back to the maternity unit at Hythe Hospital for your postnatal care. 

For subsequent confinements, where there are no complications, Hythe Hospital is a popular choice for the delivery as well as the postnatal care. 

Diabetic Clinic

Dr Powell holds a diabetic clinic each Thursday morning at Dibden Purlieu. Diabetic patients of the practice will normally have their diabetes looked after by her, in conjunction with Sister Thornton, and Mrs. L Gunn (clinical assistant) and you will be called for to attend regular checks. 

Dr. Hudson is also a specialist in diabetes and holds a diabetic surgery at Dibden Purlieu on Friday mornings.

Family Planning

All of the Doctors and our Practice Sisters have been trained to give family planning advice.  Please note that whilst this care is on-going an annual review will be needed.


Appointments for all childhood immunisations will be sent to you direct from the Health Authority.  The appointment will be for a clinic at the surgery.  Your health visitor is available to discuss these immunisations with you and will seek your consent.  Children are immunised as babies, just before starting school and just before leaving school. 

If you are unable to attend, please let us know so that another appointment can be sent.

Well Baby Clinics

There will be baby clinics at the following locations. Please feel free to attend any clinic of your choice. Our clinics are self weigh clinics – with advice from health visiting team.

Mondays - Mulberry Community Centre, Marchwood (turning opposite St. John’sChurch) on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month from 9.30 a.m. to 10:30 am. Room available if you need privacy to speak to a health visitor.

Wednesdays - Totton and Eling Community Centre from 9.30 am – .11:30 am. Room available if you need privacy to speak to a health visitor.

Wednesdays - Hythe Hospital – Education Room, Beaulieu Road, Hythe, SO45 4ZB from 9.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Please report to outpatient reception and they will direct you. Room available if you need privacy to speak to a health visitor.

Learning Disabilities - Special Needs - Carers & Cared For Patients

  • Do you have any special needs?
  • Do you have a carer?
  • Are you a carer for one of our patients?

We are here to help so please feel free to speak to our reception staff and clinicians who are only too happy to assist you or complete our carers/cared for form at the reception desk.

Smoking Cessation Clinic

Do you need help to stop smoking?

Feel free to contact "Smokefree Hampshire" the stop smoking service on 0800 772 3649, text QUIT to 66777 or email

This service is a FREE one-stop shop offering friendly help and support to stop smoking.

Give it a go!